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5 Cat Behaviors Explained


Cats indeed make an affectionate companion. They can be playful and clingy most of the time. Nonetheless, their behaviors and actions matter for it is their way to communicate and socialize. Cats’ gestures mean something and their behavior is what they use to speak for what they need, what they want, and even about how they feel.


Here are the 5 Odd Cat Behaviors Explained That You Might Not Know About:

Body language is one way cats and kittens communicate what they are feeling, so you should be aware and understand what they are trying to tell you through their behaviors, since they may be communicating something bothering them or possibly a feeling that requires an urgent vet visit. 


Chewing stuff and nail-biting.

When your pet chews your things, such as blankets, pillows, shoes, etc., or bites her nails, she is feeling anxious or bored at the moment. Anxiety or nervousness cause cats to bite their nails. In addition, cat chewing things can be a sign that she is having an illness that is currently disturbing her. It may similarly mean that she wants you to nurse her and is looking for some soft things to feel the comfort she needs. However, you must guard your cat from chewing such things because it can result in internal blockage or choking.



Licking themselves and staying in drawers.

Cats lick themselves frequently throughout the day. In fact, cats are known for being the cleanest animals. It is also a way for cats to maintain a clean appearance and eliminate scents that lure predators. 


Furthermore, cats seem to love napping in tight places such as drawers and boxes. You might also find them in a small corner of your home like under the sink. They not only find comfort in it but they think that in these kinds of places, they are secured since it is their another escape to hide from their predators.


Bringing Dead Prey

You may be annoyed when your cat brings you dead prey like a rat. Well, they don’t have the intention to scare you nor to anger you. Cats bringing their prey to their owner is an act of thanking them by offering them some food. It is a cat’s thought to make sure that her fur parents don’t starve because they have food in-store.




Cat’s purr is a strange sound they make when they are happy which is said to be a relaxing experience to humans. According to research, cats learn to purr as young as 2 days old. However, purring does not only mean that your cat is telling you she’s happy. It may also mean that she is scared or uncomfortable and asking you to pet her. In that sense, your cat uses purring for healing and self soothing.


Just so you know, petting your cat after she asks for it through purring helps them heal from injury, swelling, infection, bone damage, and even from a stressful event. 



Chattering and Chirping

You may frequently find your cat chirping or chattering when you walk her outside. Don’t misinterpret them by assuming they are talking to you. Their chatter indicates their hunger for some prey and they use their chirping to imitate the sound of the birds that they want to hunt down. The imitation they create is their way to talk to the birds to lure them. 



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