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Keep Your Cat Safe By Getting These Vaccines


While people often say that cats have nine lives, they are actually no sturdier than the average animal, and they are still susceptible to diseases and other health concerns. As a cat owner, it becomes your responsibility to ensure that they are protected from sickness and live a long and healthy life. One of your responsibilities is to ensure that they stay up to date with their vaccines!


When to Give Your Cat Vaccines

Vaccines may undoubtedly be fantastic for boosting your cat's immune system; however, they are not a permanent solution. You should talk to your vet so that they can set up a vaccination schedule for your feline friend. Typically, vaccination starts early in a kitten's life when they are pretty vulnerable. You will be seeing your vet quite regularly during the first few months of your cat's life and then less frequently as they age. 


If you have adopted an already adult cat, you will usually be given a record book of the vaccines they have taken and when they should get their boosters. However, it’s always a safe bet to have your vet double-check to see if everything is in proper order. 


What Vaccines Should Your Cat Get

There are numerous vaccines that your cat should be taking, and your vet can list them out for you. Generally, there are set core vaccines that every cat should be receiving regardless of any other factor. These core vaccines protect them against cats' most contagious and dangerous diseases. Additional vaccines may be necessary only in certain areas or situations where they risk contracting a specific illness. Your veterinarian can inform you whether your companion needs the shots or not. Regardless, here are the vaccines your cat absolutely needs to take:



A rabies vaccination is generally considered a requirement for any domesticated mammal, with cats being no exception. The deadly disease is highly contagious and is the cause of many deaths every year. This vaccine is often a requirement by local authorities everywhere.



Many people refer to this shot as the feline distemper vaccination, but it actually protects your cat against more than that. FVRCP stands for Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus, and Panleukopenia, which are all very deadly diseases. It is the most important combination shot for your feline companion.


FHV, FHV-1 Vaccine

Feline herpesvirus is a disease that can cause complications for your entire cat’s life. It is highly contagious and attacks your cat’s respiratory system. For your cat to live a long and healthy life, this vaccine is absolutely essential to prevent them from contracting the disease. 


Get Your Precious Cat Vaccinated at The Cat Clinic

At The Cat Clinic, we offer your feline companion the best care they could possibly get. We want your cat to be protected against anything that may compromise its precious lifespan. Our facility serves only cats, so your feline friend doesn't get stressed out by other animals. The staff at The Cat Clinic are explicitly trained to handle cats, so you are sure to get the best treatment here. 

Schedule an appointment with us to get your cat vaccinated!


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