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Pets and Christmas Trees: Keeping Your Pets Safe From Hazards

Worried about what your pet might do to your tree this Christmas time? Christmas trees are practically a requirement for a fun and festive Christmas. This article teaches you about keeping your pet safe from Christmas tree hazards. You don’t have to skip out on the tree this Christmas; this information has kept their furry friends safe while still enjoying their holiday season.



Christmas trees are a staple of the holiday, and it’s just not quite the same without them. Christmas trees are often set up much before Christmas even comes. As such, preservatives are placed on these trees to keep them alive throughout the holiday season.

The problem with this is that the preservatives used are often toxic for pets. Pets especially love playing, chewing, and licking Christmas trees. If they ingest the preservative coating, they could get seriously sick. Make sure to sweep up fallen pines regularly, and it helps to block off the area around the tree for safety. Supervision is key, and teach your pet to behave around the Christmas tree.



Part of the fun of having a Christmas tree during the holidays is the decorations. Decorating your Christmas tree is a highlight of the year and often a family tradition. However, some typical decorations hung up can be significant hazards for misbehaved pets.

Small ornaments are the main offender in this situation. They are tiny enough to be easily swallowed by pets, which can sometimes choke them. Ribbons and tinsel are also dangerous, as they tangle up inside your pet when ingested. Lastly, glass decorations can shatter and injure your pet if they play around them too much. Supervise your dog around these decorations and place them away where they can’t reach them.



Hanging lights around your Christmas tree is one of the best ways to set the holiday spirit. However, they are also one of the best ways to injure your pet. These lights are essentially long wires of electricity. A pet that bites these wires or pees on them could get seriously electrocuted. Tuck away the lights inside of the tree, so they are protected from unruly pets.



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