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Reasons Why Your Cat May Be Suddenly Meowing So Much


Cats are typically silent creatures in comparison to other domestic pets. One of the reasons many people choose to own cats is because they seem laid back and not quite noisy. As such, it may come as a shock to most cat owners when their feline companion is suddenly meowing up a frenzy! Don’t ignore their meows and try to get to the bottom of it!


It Wants Something

The most common cause of a meowing cat is often because it wants attention. Contrary to what many believe, cats are not solitary animals, and they enjoy the company of others, such as their beloved humans. Cats will often vocalize their desire for playtime or some socialization. It's their way of signaling that they want some attention given to them at that moment. Other times, they may be meowing because they want something. See them, and they will often give you hints on what they want. They may be asking for a toy they can't reach, or maybe they're just hungry. Don't ignore your feline companion's meows and lend them some support!


Something’s Wrong

Another reason your cat may be meowing suddenly is that something is wrong. Meowing can also be a form of vocalizing their problems to you, and they are looking for your help. A stressed cat will often meow to let their feelings be heard. In this case, you should give your cat some extra attention and figure out what is causing this sudden reaction. Another reason is that they may be in pain. They might have hurt their paw or have an illness. They often don't understand what's wrong with them, so their confusion turns into cries for help!



If you’re a first-time cat owner, you may be surprised to know that cats can get pretty loud when they want to breed. It's a biological response that they can’t control if they are not spayed or neutered. Female cats will meow, wail, and screech when they are in heat. If you own a male cat, don’t expect to be in the clear because they do it too when they smell a female cat in heat nearby. This kind of meowing isn’t any cause for concern, but if you want it to stop, you will need to see a vet about spaying or neutering them!


Learn More About Your Cat at The Cat Clinic

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